F-1600 Mud Pumps

F-1300/1600 mud pumps 
   F-1300/1600 mud pumps produced by our company can meet the requirements of the same manufacturing technique and quality level as those of FB series mud pumps of LTV Co. They keep the features of F-500/800/1000 mud pumps of advanced structural design, reliable service, easy maintenance and compact footprint etc. To reduce drilling workers' labour intensity and for easy operation, liners are designed to be fitted into the frame from top. A mini hoist of Max. 500Kg capacity is mounted on the frame to replace liners.
  Suction inlets of F-1300 and F-1600 mud pumps are 12" flanges
  API#7 valves are designed for F-1300 and F-1600 mud pumps. The suction valve and the discharge valve are interchangeable. Fluid end modules are made of forged alloy, and these three modules of each pump are interchangeable. Valve-over-valve design can reduce the module’s bulk and improve its volumetric efficiency. Upon customers’ request, electroless nickel plated can be applied o improve their corrosion resistance

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